Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Best Way to Dispose of Prescription Drugs

My daughter was pulling stuff out from under my bathroom sink (I was standing there of course) and pulled out a bottle of prescription drugs that I never finished and forgot I had. Seeing my 16-month-old with that bottle in her hand freaked me out and I decided I should get rid of them immediately. Obviously she couldn't get the bottle open but I wasn't willing to take any chances keeping them around when I didn't need them.
So what to do with leftover prescription drugs? I have heard that they're finding antibiotics in our rivers, lakes, streams and drinking water because people have always flushed them down the toilet. How's that for disturbing? So I did a little research on the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of prescription drugs and interestingly enough, it says to throw them loosely in the trash. From the Office of National Drug Control Policy:
Mixing prescription drugs with an undesirable substance, such as used coffee grounds or kitty litter, and putting them in impermeable, non-descript containers, such as empty cans or sealable bags, will further ensure the drugs are not diverted.
The article Living Green: Disposing of Prescription Drugs is one of the articles I was able to find on the matter. Next time you have some extra pills, don't flush 'em down the toilet or you might be drinking them later. (wink)

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