Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great Finds at JCrew

JCrew has really impressed me with their new launch into jewelry these last few seasons. I think they've got some really fun pieces that don't break the bank. I purchased the bracelet pictured above last spring and had fun with it this summer. Jenna Lyon, Creative Director of JCrew, is wearing it on this month's cover of Domino. Super cute.

My dear friend Froiline Maria got me the bracelet pictured below for my birthday and I love it too. I love the gold tassle that dangles off the bracelet. Super cute (must be my new saying). Both are fun pieces when you want to snaz up an outfit for an evening out.


I'm also a fan of the oversized rings that JCrew is selling this season (I'm a sucker for big rings) as well as some cute necklaces and bracelets. Check 'em out. I say better to peruse the store than the website though. Jewelry can be tough. Some things are much cuter in person and some are actually better photographed (they can look cheap in person) so it's good to get your hands on a piece to try before you buy. Happy shopping!

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