Monday, November 17, 2008

High School Mockumentary

If you're a fan of HBO's Flight of the Conchords or Extras then you may also like the new HBO series Summer Heights High. My husband and I caught a glimpse of it the other night while channel surfing and were instantly hooked. It's an Australian series with creator/writer Chris Lilley playing the show's three extravagantly dysfunctional characters.

Mr. G (my favorite)


Ja'mie (pronounced Jeh-MAY)

"It is a satirical parody of high school life epitomised by its three protagonists: effeminate and megalomaniac "Director of Performing Arts" Mr. G; self-absorbed, privileged teenager Ja'mie King; and disobedient, vulgar Tongan student Jonah. It lampoons Australian high school life and many aspects of the human condition and is filmed in a documentary style, with lay people playing supporting characters." -Wikipedia

If the rest of the season is anything like the first two episodes then we're on board. Too bad there are only eight episodes of this hilarious and twisted mockumentary. Flight of the Conchords will start just in time with the new season premiering in January. Can't wait for that.

Summer Heights High is on HBO, Sundays at 10:30pm.

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