Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Favorite Jammies for My Little Lovebug

I love these organic cotton jammies from Hanna Anderson. They look so cute on those teeny little bodies. The pink and white stripes are my fave but the seasonal ones go on sale so often that I end up buying more of those. They are originally $36 but you can get them on sale for $18 or $25, especially if you're willing to wear holiday pjs after the holiday. And if you live near a Hannah Anderson outlet store you can get them even cheaper.
These pajamas are not flame-retardant which is a plus for me....
A few years ago I read a very interesting book about the impact chemicals are having on our health. In that book there was a section on SIDS and a possible connection with fire retardant chemicals. A chemist in New Zealand made a persuasive argument that toxic chemicals like fire retardants interact with the heat from the child's body and a fungus that commonly grows in bedding. It creates a gas that asphyxiates the baby. This would make sense considering parents were told for so many years to have their babies sleep on their stomachs. They found that SIDS cases fell 48 percent once they instituted a new campaign to encourage parents to wrap the crib mattress in airtight protective coverings.
Maybe there is truth to this SIDS argument and maybe not, I cannot say. But I always like to avoid chemicals when possible so I am happy knowing there aren't a bunch of fire retardant chemicals on these jammies.

Another way to avoid unnecessary chemical exposure while your baby sleeps is to invest in an organic cotton crib mattress from GIGGLE.

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