Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Handmade + Homemade = Looks Like Grandma-made?

The beauty of blogs is that they help you find what you've been "looking" for, without ever having to look for it. For a year now I've been meaning to make my own felt stockings for my family. I wanted to make ones that matched the one my grandmother made me when I was born. It's a big task though and I haven't been up for the challenge for the last 12 months. I worried that another year might go by with the same result. Until 5 minutes ago when I found this little beauty posted on Party Perfect.

Hable Construction has a huge array of wool felt stockings on sale, and as a fun feature to get you interested, they have a Make Your Own Mantle feature where you can play around with the different designs to see what you like together. The stockings are hand made by a women's cooperative in Hungary. Very cool.

I think the stockings are cute, but they lack a little pizazz. I want something that looks a little more homemade. I might order up a few and dazzle 'em up with some homemade touches. Maybe write each person's name in felt with the sequence sewn around the letters like my grandmother did. I think the Santa stocking definitely needs some angora sewn to the top, the star above the three wise men could have something sparkly added to it, and the candy canes definitely need a little life added to them. This could be a fun project and a little more manageable than starting from scratch. I'll keep you posted if I end up getting some.

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Erika said...

You could always needlepoint your stockings.....I can show you mine...