Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Make What Your Heart Desires

I think these oversized Bernard Maisner O Christmas Tree Grand Statement Cards are spectacular but at $34 a piece they are well over my Christmas card budget (for 1 person let alone 75). Two years ago I hired a calligrapher to draw it up for me, then printed on beautiful paper and used stamps and a heat gun to add sparkly red ornaments. They weren't as lovely as the real thing but I was still quite pleased with the end result. It was torturous to make them though and a few hours into it I vowed never to make my own cards again. I'm sure I'll forget the pain and suffering brought on by homemade cards someday because it is so fun to turn out something different every once in awhile. Here's my card from Christmas 2006...

Bernard Maisner also has quite the selection of exquisite stationary and cards like their hand painted notecards. I think they're dreamy. Maybe I need to make my own hand-painted notecards too. Another crazy idea that will take way too much time, but could be fun. Hmmm.

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