Friday, January 9, 2009

Too Cute for Words

My sister-in-law's friend Stephanie is such a talented seamstress. Not only is her work impeccable but she comes up with the cutest patterns for children's clothes. I think she could sell her items for big bucks.

My sister-in-law has been buying some of Stephanie's pieces for her own daughter and for mine. Lucky me! This year for Christmas she bought these capes, specially made for our girls. They could not be cuter. I can't resist a picture of my daughter in it...

Last year for Christmas she gave me some wide leg jeans and wide leg cords (jeans shown below). My daughter lives in the jeans (the cords don't fit yet) because they are so cute that they're all I ever want to put her in. My daughter is even smaller than the girl pictured below so the wide leg is exaggerated. They are so stinking cute!!!!
Stephanie made this little skirt with the faux apron on front and the embroidered "G" for my niece. She is so clever and so creative.

Now, get ready to cry your eyes out because no, she does not have an Etsy shop or an online boutique. I think she needs one asap, or even a store front. She is too talented to be making this just for family and friends. Although I'm not complaining since I get the goods via my sister-in-law. I'll keep you posted if things change or if she's open to taking orders!

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Erika said...

Can she make a cape for me? :)