Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Forgotten Veggie

photo courtesy of The Daily Green

I feel like cabbage is kind of the forgotten veggie in a lot of homes. I don't know many people who cook cabbage. I go in cabbage stages, eating a ton of it and then I forget about it for months. Luckily I married a man whose small repertoire of recipes includes a darn good recipe for cabbage with garlic, ginger, chicken bouillon and Won Ton soup flavoring. It is to die for (will post the recipe one day soon).

I'm also crazy for Ina's sauteed cabbage. It's nothing more than butter, salt, pepper, and cabbage. It's too easy for how good it tastes. It gets a slight sweetness and I could literally eat an entire head of cabbage by myself.

According to the article Cabbage, an Inexpensive Nutritional Powerhouse in the New York Times, cabbage has a "huge nutritional bang for your buck".

Some of the health benefits I've read about in the last 24 hours...

- cancer inhibitor
- stimulates the immune system
- kills harmful bacteria
- soothes ulcers
- improves circulation
- rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B

Cabbage is at it's best in the late fall and winter months so go it now folks!

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