Tuesday, March 24, 2009

(Thigh) High Fashion

According to the New York Times Style section, thigh-high boots are "the item to own next season". Ladies, start saving your pennies! I'm a big fan of right-above-the-knee boots but not yet loving the "thigh" highs. Maybe if you're tall you can pull them off but at 5'2" I'm not cut out to wear most of these (nor does my stay-at-home-mom wardrobe call for them).

Noticed: The Lengths They Go To

As prevalent as pants at the fall fashion shows, thigh-high boots are the item to own next season. Or, for some, this minute. In Paris, fashion editors fortunate enough to get their legs into a pair — none are in stores now — trotted them out like prized show ponies. Some of the savvier women had procured them last fall. Others, like Emmanuelle Alt of French Vogue (near left), pinched them right off the runway. (In Ms. Alt’s case, they were Isabel Marant.) Still others cobbled together makeshift versions. It has been reported that Lauren Santo Domingo of Vogue took an old pair of Brian Atwood boots to Leather Spa in Midtown Manhattan and had 14 inches of suede tacked on.There is an easier way: At last check on eBay, there were 20 pages of thigh-high boots, ranging from $58 Sexy Stripper styles to a pair of black suede Manolo Blahniks for under $1,000. Get them while you can.

NYT Fashion & Style
Pulse by Karin Nelson

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