Monday, February 1, 2010

DIY: Art Kit

As with most kids these days, my daughter has way too many toys. So for Christmas, I decided to get creative with her gift. I didn't want to get your typical toy and I wanted to get something that we could do together (because what does a two year old really want more than your undivided attention?). And so I created the art kit.

I went to a store called Lakeshore Learning and picked up a ton of art supplies (listed below). Then I made a quick stop at Storables for containers. I found a large plastic storage case so we could store the kit in the coat closet for easy access. I bought individual plastic containers (yes, I feel guilty about all that plastic) to hold the various art supplies. On rainy afternoons I grab a few containers and some big sheets of paper and my daughter is in heaven.

My friend Sarah suggested that I buy a Mexican oilcloth and cut it to fit the top of the table. When it's time to paint, you tape it to the table and you no longer have to worry about all that paint splattering everywhere. It wipes right off, and if not, at least it's on the plastic tablecloth and not your tabletop. I found Mexican oilcloth sold by the yard at City Peoples.

Want to make your own? My kit included:

Window Crayons
Washable Finger Paint
Washable Shimmer Paint
Watercolor Paint Set
Large Finger Paint Paper (16" x 22")
Paint brushes
Safety Scissors
Wiggly Eyes
Mexican Oilcloth
Plastic tray to pour paint on
Lots of stickers
Glue Stick


Erika said...

It may make you crazy, but kids love glitter, too.

b.a.s.h.ful custom event kits said...

i just made one for my daughter..two actually! I will share on my blog...but..i did a travel one and them a rainy day one. :)

I got huge Mommy points for these three items in ours:

- pipe cleaners
- stamps
- cardstock

Don't forget glue dots! :)