Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Consignment in the City

My friend Jen got the cutest sweater cardigan at a local consignment shop called Oh Bella. It looked like a pricey purchase but she got it for a steal. Intrigued, I stopped in the store a few days later, bringing items I wanted to sell and hoping to find some gems for myself. I was lucky on both ventures.
The owner took a ton of my clothes to sell on consignment. I called the next afternoon with a question and the owner said she'd already sold four of my items - earning me $100 in less than 24 hours! A few weeks later and I'm over $300 now. aaaaaaaaaaawesome.
While in the store, I found the cutest gray vest (channeling my fashion icon Kate Moss) and the most lovely Prada suit. The suit wasn't even my size but it was too cute and too good a price to pass up. Alterations, here I come.
If you've never been to a consignment shop, track one down in your city. Great place to find a deal and sell items you never wear or can't fit into anymore. Remember the one year rule! (I actually don't follow that rule either.) Call ahead for an appointment if you're bringing items to sell. Most consignment shops won't take walk-ins.
Attention Seattleites - Oh Bella is looking for more merchandise to sell so there's some motivation to start spring cleaning your closet early this year.


Anonymous said...

I sell my clothes there too!

Tara said...

There is a great one in Madrona called Driftwood. Very small, but very selective.