Saturday, October 2, 2010

Uno Spritz Per Favore


I just read about this "terribly fashionable aperitif" in the Departures Venice issue called "THE SPRITZ" (pronounced "spreetz"). This little cocktail combines prosecco (they had me at prosecco) with a dash of sparkling water or soda and Aperol or Campari.

Departures mag says it's always served on the rocks, with a slice of orange or twist of lemon and is most authentic when finished with a stuffed green olive. Basic recipe found on the Internet here.

What a fun drink to serve at a party because of the great orange color. I'll make one and let you know what I think (or vice- versa if you get to it first! And please share if you've had one already!).

Oh to be in Venice sipping a Spritz right now instead of blogging about one. Sober blogging on a Saturday night is not nearly as fun as ordering "uno spritz per favore" from a hot Venetian waiter. I've never actually done that before but something tells me it'd be more fun.


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