Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gwyneth Week, Dinner #6: Veggie Burgers

This weekend I made Gwyneth's recipe for veggie burgers and was shocked and thrilled with how delicious they were. They were easy to prep, quick to grill and tasted great. I ate mine on a classic bun (white with sesame seeds) that was buttered and toasted on the grill, then topped with Vegenaise, lettuce, bread & butter pickles and pickled jalapenos. I am not a person who ever eats veggie burgers so I was shocked at how much I liked these. I will absolutely make them again.

We didn't cool them in the fridge for a few hours as directed, nor did we brush them with flour. We just let the mixture cool for 20 minutes or so, made the patties, and then slapped them on a hot grill that was brushed with olive oil. Turned out great so if you don't have time, don't worry about them cooling for hours.

Disclaimer: I did have a few glasses of white wine before I ate them so my nice little buzz could have led me to believe these were better than they really were. That said, make sure to cork a bottle while you prep the burgers so you'll love them as much as I did (and have as much fun in the process).

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