Thursday, May 19, 2011

Early Morning Tear-Jerker


I had a little note on my door last night that I just got around to reading this morning. The letter was about the 3rd annual diaper drive held in our community and organized by two 13 year old girls and their siblings. That alone is touching. The letter included a list of how many diapers, dollars, and miscellaneous baby items they collected last year. I was so impressed with what they were able to collect: 5,209 diapers, 4,386 baby wipes, $670 and much more. Amazing for a diaper drive organized by kids. They also included this touching paragraph:

"In the first year of life babies use around 2,788 diapers. Many moms and dads cannot afford that many diapers. Diapers cost approximately $557.60 per year. Instead of using disposable diapers only once, desperate parents dump out the waste and reuse the soiled diaper. The babies end up with rashes on their bottoms. When they wail to their parents, because they are in pain, their exhausted parents just ignore them, which causes the babies to be unhappy. Babies without enough diapers are more likely to be abused than babies in families who have plenty of diapers."

It is so heart-breaking to think about both the babies in pain from rashes that burn, and the parents who are struggling to make ends meet and have no other choice but to re-use the diapers. This is the reality for so many families.   

Please help out these inspiring kids helping babies in need. Diaper drive info below. If you would like to contribute but can't make it at that time, I can collect diapers or checks and deliver for you. Contact me here.

3rd Annual Diaper Drive Benefiting St. Joseph's Baby Corner

Friday, May 20th


4306 55th Avenue NE
Seattle 98105

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