Thursday, May 26, 2011

Five Things I'm Obsessed with This Week


As homage to Andy Cohen, I'm going to do my own version of "things I'm obsessed with this week".

Coincidentally, the five things I'm obsessed with this week are all from Thrive. They are...

1. Alive Juice
2. Nourish Smoothie
3. Celestial Sea Smoothie
4. Miso Madness Soup with Lime
5. Tiramisu Magic

I've been getting a juice and/or a smoothie every day and I can't tell you how great I feel after drinking it. I feel like my body is responding so well to all the nourishment. I feel great and my skin is brighter. The more I have, the more I crave it. And we've already tackled two slices of tiramisu. It's healthier than traditional tiramisu but equally decadent. Check it out!

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Jennie Butson said...

LOVE the new weekly feature!!