Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mermaid Birthday Party

I was planning a teeny tiny birthday party for my daughter and had planned on no theme. Just a few little girls, some art projects and face painting, cupcakes and that's a wrap. But wouldn't you know it, some mermaid plates from Pottery Barn Kids caught my eye, and next thing you know a theme was born - a mermaid party! I do love a project to get the creative juices flowing so what was I thinking not having a theme??? You could really go wild/overboard with a theme though, but I forced myself to keep it simple. It still turned out pretty darn cute. Here are all the simple little details...

The Guest List
There was a rule among my mom's friends and neighbors when we were young... a child can invite one friend for every year. Makes sense to me. So, since my daughter was turning 4, she got to invite 4 friends. Small and manageable. I like it. I made it a drop-off party so the moms could have a few hours to run errands and I could focus on the birthday girl and her friends.

The Food
I whipped up a few PB&Js, some ham & cheese sandwiches, fruit, and pirates booty. I'm into simple and fast. For dessert we had cupcakes with cute cupcake toppers from Bug & Boo Designs.

The Decor
Cute mermaid plates on pink & white placemats from Pottery Barn Kids, a mermaid pinata, colorful lollipops and party favor bags. I let my daughter pick out the balloons and cupcakes.

My sister wanted to come over so I put her in charge of face painting. The girls loved it. Everyone got to decorate a crown with stickers and jewels. We did bubbles from the ice cream cone bubble containers and threw water balloons in the driveway. A little lunch, some cupcakes, a pinata and gifts. Simple and easy. The girls had a blast.

Party Favor Bags
I was shopping for another party at Cost Plus and saw these sparkly little boxes. I put a pink sparkly bracelet inside so each girl got her own little mermaid treasure box along with a pink sparkly crown. Took me two seconds and I thought they turned out adorable.

Mermaid table for five

 Pink, pink, and more pink

A theme inspired by the mermaid plates

The party favor bags with mermaid treasure box and crown

It's not a party without a pinata!

 Lollipop centerpieces

All the girls got to decorate a pink crown with mermaid stickers and jewels to take home with them

Cupcake toppers by Bug & Boo Designs

Pink water balloons, of course

I let my daughter decorate party hats and pick out balloons
(hence the dolphin and "Have a nice day!" balloon)

Face painting was a hit

Followed by bubbles

Now that we're done with bubbles, who wants to do water balloons????

They all loved throwing water balloons in the driveway

Funny photo of my daughter mid-toss

Pinata time!

Happy Happy Birthday to my little Butter Muffin!

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