Thursday, October 6, 2011

House Crush: Brooklyn Heights Apartment


To borrow a cute saying from my friend Jennie, I have a "House Crush" on my friend Clare's apartment in Brooklyn Heights. Look at this place! It's amazing! More amazing than anything is that my friend Clare, with no interior design experience, did most of it herself. She's got a knack, clearly.

I love how it is so clean and crisp. I love that it's subtle but colorful at the same time. So much white, which creates a perfect backdrop for the great color palates to pop from. A perfect balance. I love the fabrics and how she brought them together and I'm crazy about the bookshelves. I'm a sucker for great bookshelves. Clare has such a great eye and did such an amazing job.

Disclaimer for Clare - the master bedroom and her daughter's room are not entirely done. I can't wait to see those rooms once completed. I know they'll be even more lovely than they already are.

Thank you to Jami Supsic Designs for all the photos.


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