Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seattle Shout Out of The Day: Yoga with Madzy

Finding the right yoga teacher/class can be difficult. Some like it hot, some like it really really hot, some like it meditative, some like it athletic and demanding, some like to om and some hate it. Finding the perfect fit is hard, but when you do it makes all the difference in the world. It makes you excited for class and motivated to go each week because you know you're going to enjoy it and feel great after. I've just found another class to rave about... Madzy's class at Mountain Flow Yoga. It's the perfect combination for me - hot but not too hot, tough but not unbearable, mindful and thought-provoking but not preachy, flowing but with care and focus. I love it.

Madzy teachers twice a week:

Powerful Vinyasa FLOW on Wednesdays at 9:45

Fluid Power on Fridays at 6:00am


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