Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Get through the season in style"


I hit the farmers market every week, rain or shine, snow or hail. I have never not gone because of weather conditions. This means that several weeks or months of the year I am frozen to the bone by the end of my shopping excursion. Miserable! I decided recently that I needed some good winter boots. I wanted the warmth of an Ugg boot, but something to keep my feet dry, like a Hunter rain boot. What shoe can accomplish both warm and dry? Ah, yes, the beloved and timeless Sorel boot. I picked up a pair this weekend, just in time to see that Who What Wear claims "to get through the season in style, you need Sorel boots." Who knew your feet could be warm, dry and stylish all at the same time?!

Buy via the Sorel website, on Zappos, or in person at REI.

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