Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make it Easy on Yourself


My friend Tara was hosting a going away party (for herself - boo hoo!) and had the genius idea of ordering up a bunch of Vietnamese food. Feeding guests involved a phone call, a car ride, and setting the food on the table. Genius, right? Because planning a party, cleaning the house, prepping the bar, and all the other details, takes a lot of time. Throw in grocery shopping, planning and cooking a meal, then cleaning the kitchen after and you're wiped out before the party even started. It's a great option for serving good food to a large group with very little stress.

I've copied her idea twice now. Once for my daughter's 4th birthday when I had 13 adults and 4 kids to feed and no desire to plan and execute a big meal. I did it again this past weekend for a Husky football tailgate. The sandwiches were a hit.

It's easy food to serve hot or cold so it just depends on your preference and situation. Bahn mis are inexpensive sandwiches ($2.75 each!) and big (usually a foot long). I cut them in half so there is less waste from people who can't eat a whole one. It's not only easy and delicious, it's also economical when you think of how fast groceries add up for a party.

Bahn mis came from Saigon Deli for both parties with a few thrown in from Seattle Deli for the tailgate. We got the noodles from Green Leaf. For the birthday party we also served fresh rolls, chicken skewers, and Vietnamese pancakes from Green Leaf. 


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