Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Impress Your Brunch Guests...


My friends and I did a third cooking class with Dana and once again it was fun, filling, and full of great food, tips and recipes. This time around we did a "brunch" cooking class. Let me just say that there is no better way to start a Sunday morning than with Dana's homemade Classic Currant Scones with homemade honey butter. The scones were heavenly.

The next thing to come out of the oven, flaky and delicious, were Dana's Petits Pain au Chocolat. Who knew making homemade pain au chocolat could be so easy and what a fun thing to make for a snack with your kids or the next time you host a brunch. What guest wouldn't be impressed to be offered a homemade croissant fresh out of the oven upon arrival?!

Dana had a few recommendations for the pain au chocolat. For starters, use a good quality puff pastry (and avoid Pillsbury Puff Pastry if you can). She stocks up at Delaurenti in Pike Place and throws it in the freezer. The night before you need it throw it in the fridge to thaw. Dana used Semisweet Pain au Chocolat Sticks from the King Arthur Flour website (just ordered mine today for Christmas morning!). They are the perfect size and shape for petite pain au chocolate, or you can use two sticks for a larger version.

Give these recipes a try. You won't be sorry!

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