Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blood Orange Sighting


Photo courtesy of Food Blogga

I saw blood oranges at the grocery store yesterday and was reminded of a salad my friend Amy Tucker made oh so many years ago. It had butter lettuce, blood oranges, kalamata olives and red onion. Delicious. I made it last night and tonight with mixed greens instead of butter lettuce and some fennel. It's a great salad and something a little different than what I usually throw together. My husband really liked it too.

Salad with Blood Oranges & Kalamata Olives

Mixed greens
Blood oranges - peeled and separated, then cut in half
Kalamata olives, pitted ones, cut in half
Fennel, sliced thin
Red onion, sliced paper thin *

Basic Vinaigrette

Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Fresh lemon juice
Dijon mustard

* Not everyone likes raw red onion in salads. For me, it's all about how it's cut. I hate biting into a chunk of raw red onion so whenever I make a salad or sandwich with it, I slice it paper thin. You get a hint of the flavor instead of it overwhelming your mouth. I also toss it with a splash of the vinaigrette and let it sit while I finish preparing the rest of the salad. I find that it takes away some of the bite. 

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