Friday, January 20, 2012

Flu Prevention

Whether or not you get a flu shot, there are things you can do to help with flu prevention. Here are some recommendations from my naturopath on how to get good immune support through flu season.

For general immune support:

- Take Vitamin D daily  (5,000 IUs/day through the winter)
- Take a Pro-Flora Concentrate Probiotic (1 capsule/day)

At the first sign of feeling sick:

- Up your Vitamin D to 30,000 IUs (take 10k - 3 times/day)
- Take ViraClear (1.5ml 3 x day)
- Take ACES+Zinc

If symptoms include sore throat:

- Do salt water gargles
- Do black tea gargles

And as always, my favorite flu prevention or cold remedy is Get Well Tea or Chaco Canyon's Flu Buster.


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