Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Ought to Keep You Busy

I'll be away on vacation for a few weeks and may not post much so I thought I would load you up with some articles to read while I'm away. A few good ones...

Miscellaneous Topics

Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart” describes the most important cultural trends today and offers a better understanding of America’s increasingly two-caste society.
The Great Divorce

Millions of children take drugs to help them pay attention — but do they really help?
Ritalin Gone Wrong

While Cynthia Nixon’s critics have good reason to worry about how her words will be construed, they have no right to demand silence and conformity from her.
Genetic or Not, Gay Won’t Go Away

A staggering manufacturing system in China has made it possible for Apple and other companies to make devices almost as quickly as they can be dreamed up, but for workers, it can be dangerous.
In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad

For one father, routine biological events should not be rewarded with money. So how about a book?
Curtain Up on Act II for the Tooth Fairy

Food Related

No Meat, No Dairy, No Problem

We’re Eating Less Meat. Why?

Finally, Good News About School Lunches

Modern Love Articles

“You never know how quickly life can change,” the young mother told me.
The Magi at 40,000 Feet

The 1,200 miles dividing two people takes its toll.
Navigating in a Long-Distance Affair

Giving up dress shoes, bookstores and a steady paycheck for unexpected connections to unexpected people.
A Side Order of Romance, Please


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