Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Reading

Here's some interesting articles I've read this week. I hope these links work. Sounds like some in the past have not. If you've never read the Modern Love articles from the Sunday Styles section, give them a shot. They are always really good.

Modern Love: When the Words Don't Fit
Sometimes the love stories worthy of poetry don’t make the romances of a lifetime.

Modern Love: Out of the Darkness
I don’t miss my wife’s illness, but I miss how we talked. About love. About life.

Africa's Girl Power
A group called Camfed is bringing lasting social change to African countries by educating hundreds of thousands of girls.

When States Abuse Women
A new law in Texas requiring ultrasounds before an abortion comes close to state-sanctioned rape, and it’s emblematic of a broad assault on women’s reproductive rights at the state level.

In Sudan, Seeing Echoes of Darfur
A great humanitarian crisis is unfolding along the border of Sudan and South Sudan. Unless outside countries enforce access into the Nuba Mountains, it will only get worse.

Remember Me From Yesterday?
For those people who stay connected online, the class reunion can seem outdated.

Friending the New York Scene
Sean Parker, a founder of Napster and former president of Facebook, is a lively social presence in Manhattan.

Video from Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

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