Friday, April 13, 2012

Seattle Food Tour

A friend asked for some recommendations of good places to hit in Seattle so I whipped up this list. Thought I would share in case you're out and about this weekend, looking for good grub. I included my favorite menu items as well.

- Cafe Besalu
- Honore
- Cafe Flora (Rancho Colorado Scramble with cheesy grits and extra beans)
- Eltana (everything bagel with spicy garlic or salt bagel with hummus)

- Dot's Delicatessen (BLT with fries)
- Matt's in the Market (great sandwiches)
- Thrive (Buddha Bowl)
- Chaco Canyon (lentil burger, side salad, black bean chili with brown rice)
- The Other Coast (Rajun Cajun)

- Delancey (Jersey Salad, sausage pizza + spicy pickled peppers or White Pie + sausage and preserved meyer lemon)
- Cantinetta (die for their pastas)
- Golden Beetle (love everything I've ever had there)
- Dinette (crazy for their toasts, salads and pastas)
- Joule (just had an insane dinner there)

- Volunteer Park Cafe (love their cookies too)
- Caffe Fiore

Smoothies or Juice
- Healeo (Skin Detox, Pure Simple Health, smoothie with coconut, almonds, and dates)

Happy eating!.

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