Monday, May 28, 2012

Le Déjeuner à Le Pichet

There's not much better than lunch or brunch at Le Pichet. It's a lovely little French cafe that serves consistently good food. My friend Maria and I went there for a long-overdue lunch and as usual, enjoyed every last bite.

My Le Pichet stables are:

OEufs plats, jambon et fromage
Quiche du jour
Salade verte
Pommes frites

We opted to vear from our normal path though and ordered a few new things....

Salade aux pois-chiches marinées, thon, artichauts et olives noires
“Italian tuna conserve tossed with marinated chickpeas, baby artichokes, Niçoise olives and rosemary-red wine vinaigrette”
Les tartines (we ordered half of each and chose a prosciutto-style ham from the charcuterie board for that half)
"Open-faced sandwich on country bread with mustard, cornichons and your choice from the charcuterie board or with warm chère, butter and cornichons”

Everything was delicious. And while it's never quite the same at home, I did think it would be an easy meal to re-create. If you get some fresh bread and good quality goat cheese or prosciutto you could easily make the open faced sandwiches. And here's the simple salad...

Salade aux pois-chiches marinées, thon, artichauts et olives noires

Italian tuna (buy great quality tuna from somewhere like Delaurenti)
Nicoise olives
Artichoke hearts (you can get great ones from Delaurenti's deli case)
Garbanzo beans
Fresh parsley


Red wine vinegar
Lemon juice
Dijon mustard

I called the restaurant to find out what was in the dressing. They didn't give me quantities so just play around with it. It was on the creamier side I'm sure due to the dijon and anchovies.

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