Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

"The 6 P's: proper prior preparation prevents poor performance."

My dad used to always tell me this. He even wrote it on a 3x5 card once and left it on my dashboard while I was at school. Weirdo. He also used to call me some mornings when he got to work to tell me the roads were slick. It drove me crazy, but I know I will do the same to my teenage drivers. Now that I have kids, I can imagine his fear of his young inexperienced driver on cold winter mornings driving 20 minutes to high school on a windy lake road. I appreciate his lessons now and in most (not all) areas of my life, I live by the 6 p's and am hyper aware of when the roads are slick.

Love ya Daddo!

Any good lessons from your dad that you appreciate now that you're an adult?


Alethia said...

"just take care of Alethia, that's a big enough job" and i say it all the time to Lilly! Love the 6 P's though, great life motto.

Marion said...

"no drugs, no riding on motorbikes and no sex before marriage" Haha!! Didn't pick up many life skills from those rules :)