Saturday, August 18, 2012

One by One Changing Lives

This is such a cool example of the incredible work One by One is doing to change the lives of women who are fistula survivors. Eunice suffered from fistula and was shunned by her husband and his other wives. She was forced to live in a terrible shack and barely spoke for years. One by One found her through volunteers who travel to remote villages. They arranged for her to get an operation and counseling. Then they helped her build this home in a day complete with solar panels. Now she is the only person to have electricity within a 10 mile radius and can charge people's cell phones for money. This was a life changing experience for Eunice. She no longer suffers and is not ostracized by her family and community. Now she has confidence and pride, and a chance to have a life and income. An amazing example of the great work done by One by One.

Video: Building Eunice a House

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