Saturday, August 25, 2012

Simple & Delicious

Last night I made this kale and avocado salad from Dinner, A Love Story for a family dinner party. I thought it sounded good, but was not prepared for how good it was. Everyone gobbled it up and raved about it. Even my 5 year old said it was good after I asked her to try a bite. A 5 year old! I think I have an avocado allergy but I was willing to deal with a stomach ache to eat every last bite of my serving. It was that good. I know, it sounds weird. It's a kale salad. But it really was delicious.

I did a heavy toss so the avocado got creamy and covered the kale instead of leaving it chopped. I used a lot of lemon juice and a great Pecorino Romano from Delaurenti (which by the way you can now order on Amazon Fresh!)

Need another reason to make this salad? Read this list of the Top 10 Health Benefits of Kale 

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