Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chopsticks 101

My sister-in-law always asks for a wish list on my birthday. I've definitely been needing/wanting some chopsticks, which seems easy enough but I always forget to buy them. Plus, I'm hoping to have a big Chinese New Year celebration this year so chopsticks will be a necessity. To my delight, one of my gifts was a set of Beautiful Lacquered Hardwood Chopsticks. There are 10 pairs of black chopsticks with a unique Asian motif decoration. They're perfect. I might even order another set in red or maroon (listed as blue because of the case). Love.

"...lacquered hardwood with Shou symbol decorations, for good fortune & longevity, unique gift for housewarming, anniversary, or any new beginning."

In the spirit of chopsticks I thought I would share some other info (courtesy of geocities).
How to Use Chopsticks
(for anyone who doesn't know how... does that person exist???)
1. Hold your first chopstick between your thumb and first finger.
2. Hold the second chopstick like you would a pen or pencil.
3. Use your thumb and first finger to move the top chopstick to pick up items. Your bottom chopstick should remain stationary.
4. Have fun!

Chopstick Etiquette
1. Don't use your chopsticks to point at somebody or to enhance communication.
2. Don't use your chopsticks to fish around in the soup bowl for food.
3. Don't use use your chopsticks to move bowls or plates closer.
4. Don't stick your chopsticks and leave them standing straight up in the rice bowl.
5. Don't lick your chopsticks.
6. Don't stab food to eat 'shish-kabob' style.

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Jenni said...

What's the verdict on wearing chopsticks in one's hair? I used to think I was SO cool in college...I use to put my hair up in a bun with shiny red chopsticks. :) Actually, it looked pretty cool...maybe I was right. :)