Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Greatest Gift for a New Mom

Over a year ago I went to my friend Amanda's baby shower. Along with my gift, I gave her a self-addressed stamped envelope with a pre-written thank you card. All she had to do was pop it in the mail and mark me off her list. I think the card got more oohs and aahs than any of the teeny tiny baby clothes.

All the better to give to a new mom who has already had the baby. The last thing a new mom wants to do once the baby has arrived is write a bazillion thank you cards. Not that you aren't so grateful for all the generous and thoughtful gifts from friends and family, it just becomes overwhelming as the gifts keep coming in at the same rate you're adrenaline is slowing down and exhaustion is settling in.

With that said, I won't allow a new mom to write me a thank you card and the only way around it is to write your own. My friend Clare just had a baby and lives in NYC. I sent her a package with some of my favorite things for baby and threw in a thank you to myself. She can just throw it in the mail and I know the gift arrived safely. Genius.
So next time you're friend has a baby, send one of these little bits of heaven along with your gift! And if she lives in your city, bring her dinner too because that is the other thing new moms don't want to think about. They will be forever grateful.

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Michele said...

Great idea! Will use it next time!