Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paaaaaaaaaaaaarty Perfect

My friend Jackie sent me a list of her favorite blogs and I've been blogging away for the last hour, frantically trying to see as much as possible before my daughter wakes up. There just aren't enough hours in the day to see all of the fun blogs out there. Anyway, her list had some great ones and I am really loving Party Perfect, a blog created by the former art director for Martha Stewart Baby and Kids magazines. A few things caught my eye right off the bat. I have always been a fan of beautiful calligraphy and handwriting so I was instantly drawn in by these samples by Betsy Dunlap. I have a few friends (amy t, jan vn, and jen q) whose handwriting I try to copy when addressing special cards. I think it's so fun to mix it up. I will have to take a stab at these two styles next time around.

I also loved these baby shower invitations. What a clever idea for a tea party shower. I love the letterpress invitation attached to the little tea bag and how cute is the paper lining the envelope?! I love!

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Jen said...

Uhm, I love love that invitation... I'm already scheming of how to incorporate that into other themes!!
The envelope lining is insane.