Monday, October 13, 2008

The Perfect Summer Sandal - A Little Late I Know

These are my most favorite sandals and I wear them to death. I feel that they go with pretty much anything I wear in the summer - casual dresses, shorts, jeans, you name it. My friend Marly came to town and was wearing a great pair of gladiator style sandals and told me about the site she ordered them from. Ends up they're the same brand and we both swear by these sandals. Order a pair for yourself from Rondini!

Two cents from

If there's any single accessory that's indelibly associated with St. Trop (besides breast implants), it's the gladiator-style sandals that have been handmade by the Rondini family since 1927. These strappy sandals for men, women, and children come in all kinds of colors and leathers, including snakeskin and crocodile. Even better, they're thick-soled, comfortable, and last forever. But wearing new Rondinis around town is totally uncool. Break 'em in at home.

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