Monday, October 20, 2008

Style Icon: Kate Moss

I am such a fan of Kate Moss's style. It is definitely a look and not for everyone but I pretty much love everything she puts together. I would love to emulate her style but it doesn't come naturally to me, nor do I have a wardrobe full of rocker chic clothes. Therefore I generally leave the house in my same old boring uniform (jeans, t-shirt, cardigan, flats or boots).

The necklace, pictured above, is so super cute and would actually go well with my uniform, spice it up really. It is a Ben Amun Gold Plated Brass Coin Necklace available from Singer 22. I want it bad. Too bad the birthday has come and gone and I am trying to put myself on a spending freeze. Well... maybe... just... one... last... purchase???? Maybe the freeze, like diets, should start on a Monday?

I also really like some of the new Kate Moss Topshop collection. I really like this Feather Frill Dress and might have to order it. If the freeze starts Monday...!

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