Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Carnival Themed Baby Shower

My friend Nicole and I just threw a baby shower for our dear pal Courtney. She is using the circus bedding from Pottery Barn Kids so we decided to go with a circus/carnival theme for her shower. It was a hit and I think it would be super cute for a child's birthday party too. Here are all the details:

Invitations were done with a circus graphic of an elephant and clown and a circus font for key words. A gromet and ribbon were used on one end and the invitation was inserted into an old-school popcorn bag, then mailed in a clear cellophane envelope with a cute address label. Everyone loved them.

Fresh popped popcorn (made by my husband who makes the best popcorn on earth)
Caramel corn
Cheese plate

Chinese take-out boxes in primary colors filled with a baguette sandwich and a pickle, individually wrapped and tied with bright colored ribbon. A delicious salad was served as a side, along with chips.

Root beer, sparkling lemonade, blood orange Italian soda, sparkling water, white wine

Trophy cupcakes with vanilla frosting, bright sprinkles and animal crackers on top

Candy bar inspired by Amy Atlas Events. We used the leftover popcorn bags from the invitations and everyone helped themselves.

Balloons and homemade garland in primary colors

For shits & giggles
Nicole and I greeted guests in clown hats doing funny little clown jigs with carnival music playing loudly (maybe the best part!)

Messy House?
To keep people from going upstairs we hung this little sign saying "Ride Temporarily Closed". That way I didn't have to clean the whole house before the party. Genius Nicole!

Our adorable guest of honor.

Nicole - We made a good team! Thanks for all your hard work and creativity!!!


Alya said...

This is amazing! I love everything about it :) Thanks a lot for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. How fun! I would love to know what computer program you made the invites on. I have always wanted to learn to make my own invites! Thanks for any tips and again, so cute!
jenrdh29@yahoo.com Jen

jamie said...

i would like to make similar invitations where did you purchase the bags and envelopes.... please post info or email.

Colleen Terpening said...

Sorry for the delay Jamie! We got all the supplies at Packaging Specialties in Seattle... one of my most favorite places to shop. Good luck!

jamie said...

did you have to cut the invitation card stock down to size or were you able to find card stock already that size?

Colleen Terpening said...

We just printed it on regular paper that was a touch thicker than normal, then used a paper cutter. So easy and something you can print at home on a color printer to save money!

Sandra said...

I am so in love with these invitations. Is there a place online to find the old school popcorn bags?

Colleen Terpening said...

We got the paper popcorn bags at Packaging Specialties. I bet you could order them over the phone. Here is the link: