Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Favorite Blankies

Yesterday I was on the hunt for a baby gift and I can never resist buying blankets. I opted for a purple Little Giraffe blanket because my daughter is obsessed with her Little Giraffe "blang blang". I thought I would write a post about our most favorite blang blangs in case you're in the market for some baby gifts.

Under the Nile
I loved these organic cotton blankets and thought they were perfect swaddling blankets - not too big, not too small, not too warm, not too thin. Loved them!

Luna Lullaby
I had my daughter in July so we had a few hot months when she was first born. I loved these Luna Lullaby blankets for swaddling on the hottest days. I also used them to cover up while breast feeding or draped them over the stroller when my girl was sleeping. They are so big and lightweight that they were great multi-purpose blankets.

The Luna Lullaby blankets are sold in packs of three in the following color/pattern combos:

Little Giraffe
Ah, the blang blang. What would we do without these?! It is my daughter's most favorite thing and she finds so much comfort in it that we always try to have one on hand for when she starts to get tired. She runs the silky edges between her little fingers when we're reading books or when she lays quietly in her crib. It's precious.

Little Giraffe blankets are the softest I've found and they wear really well. We wash and dry ours every two or three days and they are holding up great. I love the small version as well. It's great for hot days when a huge blanket is a bit much.

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