Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Cured!

I am officially cured of my fear of high-waisted jeans. I went from a non-believer to a huge fan in a matter of minutes. All it took was trying on a pair. Much to my surprise they weren't heinous on me, and after a few minutes of review I realized they were actually quite flattering. There are SO many cute styles out there now so between trying some on and seeing some great pairs in the fashion mags, I'm officially a fan. Some cuties below...

Anlo Anna High Waist Jean in Ibiza Wash

J Brand Eve High Rise Wide leg Jean with Flaps in Della wash as seen on Vanessa Hudgens

Star-struck for high-waisted jeans:

Funny enough, I actually walked by Hilary Duff that day as I was coming out of the elevator! She looked great.

Now I don't know that I'd really call Kate's jeans "high-waisted" but True Jeans thought so and I'm borrowing the photos from them so I'll go with it. I have always loved that simple outfit of hers. Oh to look that cute in t-shirt and jeans.

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