Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shelves Upon Shelves

My friend Whitney and I always talk about how we love bookshelves that cover an entire wall. It is one of those things that always catches my eye in magazines and home decor books. I love to see how people organize and decorate a wall of shelves with books, photos, art and more. This one caught my eye while perusing Party Perfect. She was featuring a dinner party by "of-the-moment Bohemian Modern architect Barbara Bestor ". I love the look of these shelves behind the sofa and something about the room feels cozy for kids to lay around and read. I'm also a hug fan of the whale wallpaper. Adorable for a nursery, playroom, bathroom or a room like the one shown.

You can see a better view of the bookshelves via Barbara Bestor's website. Select the Glendower Road house, then picture number seven.

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