Sunday, November 9, 2008

wear a pair, share a pair

This morning at brunch I spotted someone wearing TOMS shoes. I was so excited to see my first pair now that I have been introduced to the brand. I shared the story behind TOMS with my friend Jennie and she told me that crocs has a similar program. You can take in your old crocs and they will recycle them, make them into a brand new pair and donate to someone in need. Again, amazed at these great programs. I am sure there are closets across America full of old crocs that don't fit the kids anymore. With the rate at which kids feet grow, I imagine most parents are replacing their kids crocs every year. So grab your kids tomorrow for a croc hunt and check out Soles United for more information on how to get your crocs to them. Jennie said in Seattle it's as easy as taking them to Nordstrom.
How it works:
  1. Wear
    Wear your crocs shoes until the tread becomes worn and they reach their end-of-life.
  2. Share
    Donate your worn-out crocs shoes at participating retail locations. You can recognize participating retailer partners through posted "authorized collection center" window stickers at the retailer’s entrance. Those without a nearby retailer can participate by mailing their worn-out crocs footwear directly to the SolesUnited program.
  3. Recycle
    Once worn-out crocs footwear are received, they are sorted, ground up and made into new SolesUnited recycled shoes. These recycled shoes are loaded into containers and are picked up at the warehouse by our shipping partners, who then send them to approved non-profit organizations around the world.
  4. Donate
    SolesUnited shipping partners work with organizations that can assure shoes will be delivered to those who need them. To date we have donated over 1 million pairs of shoes. In 2008, our goal is to donate 2 million pairs of recycled shoes to those in need.

Show your kids a picture like this and they can feel good about helping someone their age in a country far far away.

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