Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh So Good For You!

My friend Whitney and her husband make smoothies every morning with their infomercial purchase, the Magic Bullet. She loves it and prefers using it over a blender. I hate having a monster blender on my kitchen counter and especially hate cleaning it so this looks enticing.
On that note, Whitney told me last night "over cocktails" that if she hasn't had anything green for the last 24 hours she will throw some spinach and apple juice in the Magic Bullet for a quick hit. What a great way to get more greens in your diet. I can't tell you how often I go days without eating any green veggies so I loved hearing her trick.
This morning I was making a spinach and egg strata for Christmas brunch. I had some leftover spinach so with Whitney in mind I lugged out my enormous blender and whipped up some spinach, an apple (cut into chunks) and some OJ and had myself a delicious (yes, delicious!) little juice that was so good for me. The sweetness of the apple and OJ completely override the spinach flavor. I'm sure that my 17 month old would drink it too so what a great way to sneak spinach into her belly!
Whitney also introduced me to the Flu Buster drink at a local organic cafe called Chaco Canyon. It is SO good. She said she makes this type of thing at home all the time with her Magic Bullet so I will be giving it a try soon, although maybe with a blender.
Flu Buster:
Fresh juice of an apple
Fresh juice of an orange
Fresh juice of a lemon
Topped with cayenne pepper and steamed

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