Friday, January 2, 2009

My Grandma's Homemade Christmas Stockings

These are the stockings my grandmother made when my sister, brother and I were each born. I love them. I imagine most people love the style of stockings they grew up with because it brings you back to those magical times as a kid.
I was always jealous of my brother's stocking though because I thought his was cuter than mine. Oh how I wanted that cute little Santa. Well now I've got it ... my husband's name is Michael so I stole my brother's stocking several years ago so we'd have matching ones. Now I just need some cute ones for my girl and future babies.

I adore this little Advent calendar that I came across on Inchmark. It reminds me of the little felt decorations on our stockings. It's great inspiration for making stockings from scratch. I could copy all the little felt decorations. And look, there's a cute little Santa who is even cuter than the one on my brother's stocking! Hmmmm.... very tempting.

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