Friday, March 13, 2009

Homemade Bread

My mom tore a recipe for No-Knead Bread out of the paper and mailed it to me ions ago. I thought it sounded interesting at the time, but not something I was eager to make at the time so it got filed it away in one of my recipe binders (click here to read more about my pride and joy recipe binders).
Well, with my recent completion of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I was finally inspired to make my own bread. Add to that the recent post on Babyccino reminding me of the no-knead bread recipe I also had tucked away, I knew how I would begin my bread-making days.

So I gave it my best shot. Shame on me for not learning by now the importance of reading a recipe the whole way through before starting it. I have made that mistake in the past and you'd think I'd have learned by now. The recipe was pretty easy, it just took longer than I anticipated. I didn't read that you needed to fold it with wheat bran and let sit for two additional hours. I had the oven and cast iron pot all ready to roll when I read that. I think it threw me that I was going off the video rather than the recipe. I suggest reviewing both before you start.
It didn't turn out perfect (a little flat and a little burnt) but it did taste fantastic. We spread a little butter on top and gobbled it up with soup and salad for dinner. It was delicious. We had it in the morning as toast but felt it tasted best just sliced and served with a touch of butter. The loaf didn't last long in our house and I will definitely be making it again soon!

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Erika said...

the recipe binders are quite impressive....