Sunday, March 22, 2009

Interval Training

"They say" a great way to maximize your cardio workout is to do Interval Training. This technique also helps improve your body's ability to burn fat. Interval training is where you maximize your intensity for a certain length of time or until you reach a certain heart-rate, then slow down for a set amount of time or until your heart rate lowers to a certain number. Different trainers offer varying instructions and techniques.

I came across the article "A Healthy Mix of Rest and Motion" about interval training a few years ago after I had been introduced to it by a trainer. It's a good quick read if you're not familiar with this type of training.

Interval training can be incorporated into most workouts you're already doing. Learn more about interval training on It has a ton of info about the various methods and benefits.

I've been using a Nike heart rate monitor for the last 5+ years. I love it for both regular workouts and interval training to track my heart rate and length of workout. It is especially helpful if you continue to exercise while pregnant and want to keep your heart rate from getting too high.

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