Sunday, April 26, 2009

Smoothie Pops

My friend Tara made smoothie popsicles and said her daughter loved them. I'd never thought of that. What a great idea for a healthy treat. I would much rather give my girl that type of popsicle versus a traditional one that's got no nutritional value.

So, I ran out and bought some Tovolo Shooting Star Pop Molds at a local cooking store (Mrs. Cooks) and whipped up a batch this weekend. My daughter loves smoothies and always gets so excited when she sees me getting out the blender so I know these smoothie popsicles (or "moonie copickles" as she calls them) will be a hit. They take no time to make and the possibilities are endless. Use any combination of fruit, milk, juice, yogurt, honey, you name it.
Moonie Copickles
orange juice
frozen blueberries
frozen strawberries
frozen acai

And speaking of smoothies, I came across this YouTube video on How to Make a Green Smoothie. I don't know why we're all not doing this more often..... daily actually. It's so easy, they taste good and they are so good for you. The video inspired me to get back into the habit so I made one first thing this morning. Such a great way to start the day. And if you can get your kids to eat them, what a fab way to sneak in all those greens.

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