Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making Life Easier, One Gadget at a Time

We just got back from a little vaca in LA and I was reminded of all the things that make my life easier while traveling with a little one. I love love love the GoGo Kidz TravelMate. It attaches to your car seat and you can wheel your little one around through the hassles of checking in at the airport, getting through security and right on down the tunnel to the plane. We let security know that it was too big to go through the x-ray machine so we wouldn't have to bother with separating the car seat from the TravelMate. They scanned it on the side and then we planted our tiny lady right back in it. She gets a fun little ride around the airport so she was happy, and most importantly easy. You can gate check the car seat or use it on the plane if your child has their own seat. If you do a lot of traveling, it's worth investing in one. We love ours and highly recommend it.

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