Monday, June 22, 2009

One More Reason to Buy Organic...

Some people think I'm crazy for my organic-mania but it's articles like these that keep the flame burning....

I came across the article "Pesticide Exposure Linked (Again) to Parkinson's Disease" on the Huffington Post's Green section. Give it a quick read for a brief summary of the link researchers are finding between pesticides and Parkinson's. Amazing what's on those non-organic tomatoes! And what link will they find next? Pesticides linked to various cancers? I'd believe it in a heartbeat.

The Daily Green also features this new web tool that allows you to look up your favorite foods to see all the pesticides they're laced with. Check out blueberries for example. FORTY-EIGHT pesticide residues on your blueberries! One more reason to buy organic.

My motto is - "Do what you can and you can't worry about the rest". We go out to eat a lot and I don't want to change my lifestyle or enjoy it less because it's not organic. So I'm anal about the food I buy to fix in my home, and outside of that, I try not to worry. It's how I stay sane.
It is more expensive, that's for sure, but I am willing to spend more money now because I feel it's worth it in the long run with our health and over-all health care costs. I also think there are other ways to save on food (eating less meat for example) that will offset the higher costs of organic foods.

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