Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Waterproof Totes for Your Summer Excursions

I'm a huge fan of L.L. Bean's canvas totes. I especially love the over-sized one that's perfect for beach towels and everything I need for a day at the pool. The only problem is that you can never find the little things (keys, cell phone, etc) that slip to the bottom of the bag. The other problem I find is that I cannot avoid getting the bottom of my bag soaking wet at the pool. Try as I might, it always happens. Well one bright young mom was having these same problems, saw a need and filled a void. Kea, founder and creator of Merin Designs, created these fab canvas bags with all the right bells and whistles for all those active women/moms/teenagers/athletes out there.

Merin totes come in five color combos and are made with waterproof fabric. The designer also included a key clip right near the top so you don't have to scramble for your keys every time you get to your car or house. The totes also sport several interior pockets with a few different sizes - one large pocket (perfect to keep your US Weekly dry!), three small pockets (good for snacks, sunscreen and other small items), and a little pocket for your cell phone. The main compartment is huge and can fit tons of stuff for your day's activities.
And on a greener note, this is a great bag to take with you when you go shopping so you can skip the shopping bags or take to the farmers market and fill with wonderful, fresh, local foods! I just ordered up the "Laurelhurst" and can't wait for it to arrive.

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