Monday, October 11, 2010

Hop on the D Train

I'm sure you've all been hearing for the last few years about the importance of Vitamin D and it's affect on your health. They're saying that so many of us are deficient in Vitamin D, especially those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest. More and more health providers are making strong recommendations to patients to take a daily Vitamin D supplement and more pediatricians are recommending it for children as well. You could spend hours on the Internet reading about Vitamin D or ask your doctor at your next visit. Click here for a quick overview. You can also have your Vitamin D levels tested, which I hear is especially important if you're undergoing surgery as it really helps your body recover.

Here are two brands that I have researched and found to be great. I've been able to find them at PCC, Pharmaca and Whole Foods.

I tuck mine by the mugs so every morning I take a drop or two while I make my coffee. I give it to my kids as well every few days.

For me:

Carlson Labs D Drops, Vitamin D, 2000 IU


Biotics Research Corp Bio-D-Mulsion Forte, 2000 IU

For the bambinos:

Carlson Labs Baby D Drops, Vitamin D, 400 IU

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