Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheese Tooth


My internal clock is all messed up. I crave chocolate first thing in the morning and lately, instead of an afternoon sweet-tooth, I have an afternoon cheese-tooth. If I can hold out until 5:00 for cheese, I'll pour myself a little glass of crisp white wine and enjoy some cheese on bread or crackers. It satisfies me to no end and tides me over until dinner is ready.

I'm currently obsessed with Montrachevre La Chevriotte soft ripened goat cheese on Sesmark's sesame rice thins. Creamy + salty & crisp = delicious.

La Chevriotte and the sesame crackers both sold at PCC Natural Markets.
What's your favorite cheese for snacking? Anyone care to share?


JJ Horner said...

wow, are you really able to wait until 5p for a glass of wine? :) I hear you with loving a little cheese to tide you over, I am the same way. I usually just munch on something I've picked up at Trader Joe's that week (I always try to buy a new cheese I haven't tried before). This week I've got some Romano, other times a Spanish sheep's milk, or a goat cheese "brie".

Anonymous said...

Oh how I know just what you mean! Here's my current cheese tooth:

Trader Joe's Pita Bite Crackers with Trader Joe's Silver Goat Cheese and Trader Joe's Olive Tapenade with a glass of Pacific Rim Riesling or Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling.